Who We Are

It wasn't the dream to be just the best in what we intended to do, back in year 2010. It was more about the continuous motivation that fuelled up our moves to be able to deliver services par excellence, with a touch of what we call our 'delivering gratifying results' to our clientele.

Myth Media Solution Private Ltd is a preferred name in the market today that is continuously looking out for and nurturing the most cost-effective and supreme quality services – Acoustical and Infrastructure Solutions to Audio and Video Production.

The firm doesn't boast of its journey this far; rather each pillar of this company continuously strives to deliver the best to each one's abilities. Myth Media Solution Private Limited, since its inception in year 2010 by two creative minds, Mythlesh Mishra and Nitin Sharma, has been delivering pioneering solutions to the digital content creation industry and acoustical solutions domain with a unique perspective and understanding of the many challenges.

After a spectacular stint in the radio industry and Mythlesh joined hands with an ardent creative mind of Nitin Sharma, who had nurtured himself in the radio industry for many years, to form a company that Myth Media today is.

Our Philosophy

Myth Media Solution Private Limited came into existence with the sole purpose of facilitating its clients in achieving their business goals with the best cost and unmatchable quality. We aim to become a natural partner of in our clients' growth stories by delivering timely, cost effective and quality media and infrastructural solutions to their needs.

Our mission has always been to create services that make the best use of resources and provide the desired quality to the clientele. For this, we believe in discussion, and service based on an exceptional level of mutual trust. Av continuous dialogue along with close co-operation with individual clients and others involved in planning help us generate the most rational solutions to even the most complex problems at project sites. Ensuring an individual and personal touch to our jobs makes sure that all kinds of small to big projects are handled by a team of the right size, made up of the right people.

We don't boast of our skill; rather we believe in working like a team that is creative, innovative and diligent to deliver every work to best of its ability. Our experience might not be that vast as compared to big players of the market, but what we have achieved is something that talks of quality and absolutely gratifying business relations with our huge clientele.

We strive our best in creating an ecosystem where our abilities provide definite competitive edge to our esteemed clients and assist them in reaching and retaining leadership position in their respective domains.