Who we are ?

We specialize in full service design of professional and high-end acoustics and audio-visual environments. We have done commendable works in Acoustics & Interiors in Recording Studios, also Sound proofing in Auditoriums, Multiplex, TV Channels & Radio studios, Home theatres, Pubs, Sound Isolators, Hotels, Hospitals.

Interior Design

We offer world-class design solutions that focus on aesthetic appearance while delivering functionality and efficiency. We strive to understand our clients’ operational needs and build environments that align with their goals and objectives.


We architect buildings that seamlessly combine form, function and feeling. We apply experience – not experiments – to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reflect both the pragmatic needs of our clients and the critical demands of a sustainable world.

Project Management

We follow a proven systematic approach to project management – an in-depth process that involves planning, designing and constructing space while considering its functional, social and aesthetic aspects.

Turn-Key Solutions For Interior Design

We specialize in providing turn-key solutions for corporate and individual requirements. At Star Infra, we offer cost-effective, innovative and functional solutions without compromising on the aesthetics. 

Construction Projects

Our team of expert architects and civil engineers works like a cohesive unit to deliver construction projects that precisely meet the client’s requirements, and adhere to top quality standards.

Space Planning

Creative use of materials and colors, coordination of interior lighting along with use of natural daylight and coordination of acoustics all combine to form a space that expertly meets the needs of the client..

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Why Choose us?

Extensive knowledge in the field of acoustics and production. The designs & materials used are that of best quality.Our exclusive experience in acoustic fulfil all your requirements.In a short duration we have built trust & long standing relationship with our clients.

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